Pullman Palace Car IPA "Rebuilding Pullman Beer by Beer"

President of Friends of Pullman Nick Lubovich with the George Pullman Foundation holding the Pullman Palace Car Beer Label

Friends of Pullman and Argus Brewery have a strategic partnership that provides opportunities and funding for our programs. Opportunities include job placement and profit-sharing through the Pullman inspired Beer line. The relationship that FOP has with Argus is a model that we wish to duplicate. The concept that was created is a key element in supporting Friends of Pullmans mission to be a self sustaining community that gives back more than it takes.

President of Friends of Pullman Nick Lubovich interview

Argus Brewery received the Kenneth L. Brace Memorial Award in recognition of our commitment to the Pullman neighborhood by preserving a historic building and providing local employment opportunities.

Pullman Palace Car IPA beer now can be purchased at The Pullman Wal-Mart just off of I94 at the 111th st. Exit

Friends of Pullman Inc.